NWO Teknowlogy 2023

Knowledge – Innovation – Impact



Today, I attended the innovation festival TEKNOWLOGY by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

It is really inspiring to see scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and policy officials interact and exchange knowledge and ideas about the future and the role technology will play.

Standing next to an exoskeleton reminded me of the first Terminator movie… and experiencing the merge of physical and digital worlds through a revolutionary haptic interfaces called the FeelPen and FeelSurf is truly exiting and empowering at the same time.

FeelPen and FeelSurf

You really get a sense of: Let’s create the future, together!

This feeling was echoed by the key note speech of Erwin Nijsse from the Ministry Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. He eloquently challenged the audience to get out of their comfort zone and to start thinking about new ways to foster public-private collaboration.

I completely agree that the way towards a sustainable and successful future lies in innovation co-creation.

Sharing knowledge, ideas and ressources across organizations and sectors hold the potential for radical break-through innovations!

However, scientists, business people, policy makers and people working in NGOs are struggling. They often face tremendous difficulties in their attempts to innovate together.

Let’s face it. Collaboration is hard!

It takes time and serious effort…and unfortunately success is never guaranteed.

During my PhD on innovation co-creation in cross-sector partnerships I have developed several hands-on tools that help companies and public sector organizations to navigate the treacherous waters of collaboration.

If you are interested I can tell you more about Deep Benefit Management, Collaborative Capacity and the Cardinal Mark model for strategic decision making.

I can help to (re-)focus your innovation strategy and enhance your innovation and collaboration capacity.

Check out my in-company training programs and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!